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Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Renoir Exhibit In Philadelphia

I visited the Renoir exhibit on Sunday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I could not get enough of his beautiful, soft and wistful canvases. Captivating people painted with whimsical expressions having fun and looking delightfully cheerful. Pretty girls in frilly dresses that now would be called costumes. A style so distinct you recognize it immediately as a Renoir. This is a man who, like many of his peers, dedicated his entire life to his craft. In his later years even after developing arthritis he still painted for another 20 years. I strive to learn from this artist. Not necessarily his style but definitely his passion for painting, which never faltered.
My favorite Renoir quote -

“I think I’m beginning to know something about painting,” said on the day he died.

To learn more about Pierre-Auguste Renoir visit here or here.

Best Regards, Monica

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