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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just When You Are About To Give Up...

I am writing this blog about Vincent van Gogh because I am struggling a little with a concept for my 2013 exhibit. I have always felt an affinity for van Gogh, not only for his unique painting style but most importantly because when I look at his artwork his struggle as an artist is palpable. His early work was, well, average. I particularly like the example below which shows two of his sketches. The one on the left of a simple figure, strangely proportioned and two years later the one on the right vastly improved and beautiful.
Vincent van Gogh
I know from his biography that he loved art and was a plodder like me. He kept painting until he was satisfied and even if he wasn’t satisfied he kept painting anyway. He started painting late in life and continued on to become one of our most admired master artists. Mental illness may have ended his life prematurely but surely he lives on in the wealth of artwork left behind.

So the next time you struggle with a composition, a subject or a concept, please keep trying. And trying. And trying…

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I Am Marble by Monica Vanzant

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