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Monday, September 5, 2016

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury England

Two weeks after September 11, I traveled to England. One of the towns on my list of places to visit was Shaftesbury England, specifically, Gold Hill. I stood on the hill after a two hour train ride and only hours after I first set foot in England. This steep hill had the most beautiful cottages and I was so happy to have made it! When I got home, I wrote this poem about it. I hope to one day see it again.

Gold Hill – Shaftesbury, England

By: Monica Vanzant

A quiet moment on a hill
of man made stone and crafted skill
I stand in awe, my mouth agape
Amazed at finding heaven's gate
For what I see is beauty wide
My soul is full and swells with pride
A scene with cottages askew
All shapes and colors, none are new
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

Broad images that touch my soul
I wonder at their stories told
A long walk down, I stand and sigh
This journey will my strength defy
But I must go, I know that now
Way down Gold Hill I do avow
And so I start my trek downhill
The easiest part and needs no skill
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

With little breath and steady heart
From this long hill I do depart
Some happy greetings come my way
From friendly locals I survey
Their nods and smiles at me so sweet
I'm more surprised each one I meet
Three times I hear, “It looks like rain!”
I find myself refreshed again
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

With shaking legs and beaming smile
I look up at my traveled mile
Well not a mile but it feels so
The distance from that place I know.
From awe to dread I pick my way
O'er cobbled roads where children play
For now I know the time has come
To turn again, so I succumb
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

With labored breath, I start my walk
My legs move slowly as they mock
My foolish pride that drives them so
Beyond the length they want to go
But on I push to higher ground
Until the top is once more found,
With gods good grace I have my end!
Up steep and winding path to wend,
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

My panting breath comes back to me
As I turn back and there I see
That I have filled my latest dream
I've walked up THE GOLD HILL - I deem,
As sure as rain will come today
I know I will return and stay
For though my own land's miles gone past
It feels as though I'm home at last
Atop a hill in Shaftesbury

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