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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Painting

It has been a month since I have painted in my studio. I've been preparing for two exhibits back to back and my painting time has suffered. Even though I have not picked up a brush or palette knife, I go into my studio regularly just to sit and ponder because I truly love the smell of oil paint. It reminds me that there are so many paintings in me yet to be completed. Of course, I also like the smell of gasoline so maybe I have some olfactory issues I need to deal with...

But I am starting a new painting and I have the usual anticipatory butterflies in my stomach when I begin a new painting. This time is extra special because I plan to try something new. Looser, less structure, more creative. I am in the mood to break some rules!

I plan on attending the Turner exhibit at the Met. I am not sure when I'm going but there may not be another with this many pieces (in the US) during my lifetime so, of course, I must go. Also, he is one of my favorite painters so I'm really excited. I think I will dedicate my next post to Turner.

I'm off to paint. Take care.

Best Regards, Monica

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